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Press release expanding Narcan access at libraries referral

Supervisor Lee calls for expanding Narcan access at Libraries to fight fentanyl overdoses

County of Santa Clara, CA - On March 14, 2023 the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will take action on a referral from Supervisor Otto Lee to seek options for providing Naloxone (Narcan) in County libraries; including training for library staff and volunteers, sources of funding to support this effort, and making County libraries Narcan distribution sites.  

“Fentanyl is killing our children, family members, and neighbors. People are unknowingly or accidentally ingesting fentanyl - and it takes so little to turn into a lethal dose. That’s why we have made these kits so widely available, and now the next best place for these life-saving supplies is our libraries,” said Supervisor Otto Lee.

Narcan is a brand name for Naloxone, which is used to reverse opioid overdoses; it can quickly restore normal breathing in someone who has overdosed on opioids.

Data from the California Department of Health indicated that in Santa Clara County, there were 154 deaths from overdoses of opioids in 2021. Of those, 125 were fentanyl-related, while in 2019, just 25 deaths were attributed to fentanyl. Opioids, especially fentanyl, have become pervasive. These drugs are cheap, readily available, and are made into pills that can look like candy. Communities are oversaturated with fentanyl causing these drastic spikes in overdoses.

Additionally, the use of fentanyl among teenagers is on the rise, and the numbers are alarming. According to the CDC, fentanyl overdose deaths increased by 47% from 2016 to 2017, with the highest rate of death among people aged 15 to 34 years old. During July 2019–December 2021, a total of 1,808 adolescent overdose deaths occurred in 32 jurisdictions with available trend data. The number of monthly overdose deaths increased 65% overall.

Education, prevention, and treatment are crucial components to combat opioid addiction or overdose. The rise of fentanyl addiction has led to countless deaths and increased pressure on health care systems, law enforcement, and treatment centers. To learn more about opioids in Santa Clara County visit or attend the Opioid Crisis Awareness & Narcan Training/Distribution at the Milpitas Library on March 26, 2023 from 11:30 am-1 pm.

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid use or addiction in crisis please dial 9-8-8

For referrals for treatment please call:  408-272-6518 (English and Español).

For 24/7 free confidential information call the National Helpline at: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

More information is available at the Santa Clara County Opioid Overdose Prevention Project website -

The Narcan at Libraries Referral is Item 12 on the March 14, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda

Additional resources include:

For non-emergencies please contact the County of Santa Clara’s Behavioral Health Services Department, BHSD, Call Center at 1-800-704-0900 -open 24/7- or visit them online at Get Help - Behavioral Health Services - County of Santa Clara ( BHSD has shortened URLs for quick access to information and resources at and

Supervisor Otto Lee serves District 3 on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors which represents Sunnyvale, Milpitas, and the northern neighborhoods of San José including Alviso and Berryessa. Supervisor Lee also serves as the Vice President of the Board of Supervisors. He is an intellectual property attorney, Retired U.S. Navy Commander, former Sunnyvale Mayor & Councilmember, and father. Supervisor Lee lives in Sunnyvale with his wife and three daughters, and their family rabbit. He was elected to represent District 3 in November 2020. More information about him and the District 3 Office is available online at or contact us anytime via email at [email protected].  

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