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Black April Chúng Ta Tưởng Nhớ Ngày 30 Tháng 4

South Vietnam Flag at County building

Resolution Reaffirms Support

On February 6, 2024, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted a resolution reaffirming the prior recognition of the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam as the official flag of the Vietnamese American community in Santa Clara County.

This joint resolution from Supervisor Lee & Supervisor Chavez extends and strengthens our solidarity and support of our local Vietnamese community. It is a priority to reaffirm the County’s commitment to recognizing the former Republic of Vietnam flag, which we are honored to display countywide.

The bright yellow flag with three bold red stripes is also proudly displayed and worn by many Americans veterans and friends, and serves as a commemoration of the sacrifice of millions of Vietnamese lives and 58,000 American troops lives. We are grateful that this flag has become a symbol of freedom and unity with our local Vietnamese community.

We are grateful to our Vietnamese community leaders and residents that shared their support for the resolution. On February 10, 2024, the County of Santa Clara hosted a Vietnamese flag raising ceremony in honor of Lunar New Year here at McEntee Plaza. The County of Santa Clara is proud to honor the contributions and sacrifices of our local Vietnamese community, and recognize your stories and celebrating your successes.

Click HERE - Read resolution

Supervisor Otto Lee Black April Message & Video:

“As a child in Hong Kong, I remember the images and watching the news report as people fearing for their lives if they stayed behind. In those moments, the world witnessed millions of people lose their nation, their home. Just a few years later my family also flee our home for America to avoid living under Communist rule.

While my family’s journey was not as harrowing as it was for many Vietnamese families - like them, I was able to find a new home in California. I left behind everything I knew as a child and found myself lost and overwhelmed in a new land. My heart feels a deep connection to our Vietnamese community. 

I am honored to serve our community because in my service I can support immigrants and refugees by ensuring our community is a safe and welcoming place for all. The experience with Vietnamese refugees has helped guide our care for those displaced from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and countless other strife-ridden areas.

Be proud of your immigrant stories, be proud of speaking and teaching your kids Vietnamese, and be proud of what you have built and accomplished here. Moreover, we must teach our children this important history and not forget the sacrifice of so many heroes that help get them here.

The County of Santa Clara is stronger because of our refugees, including the Vietnamese. We wish for healing during this time - and we want to hold hope for a bright future ahead. Thank you for being our neighbors.”