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Resources & Support

Violence and conflict create real trauma for our families - especially our children. Please see the following list of resources to help support our community or address any questions or concerns for our children during these horrific events - We want to ensure a safe community where we may all peacefully address our needs - Thank you.

◆  The County of Santa Clara’s Office of Immigrant Relations, OIR, is a great resource for a wide array of services and resources - Click HERE to visit OIR

◆  The Santa Clara County Office of Education, SCCOE, also has several resources for ensuring safe learning spaces for our youth - Click HERE to visit SCCOE

◆  The Superior Court has information and application to help prevent violence or self-harm with a gun violence restraining order, GVRO - Click HERE to learn more


◆  The 5Ds of Bystander Intervention Training (Right To Be)
◆  How to Talk About the Israel-Hamas War: Resources for Educators (Education Week)
◆  Handle with Care: Supporting Young People During Crises (Learning for Justice)
◆  How to Talk to Kids About What's Happening in Israel Right Now This article shares conversations parents and family members can have with their children based on their age range. 
◆  How to Talk to Kids About Violence, Crime, and War Common Sense Media gathers tips and conversation starters to help you talk to kids of different ages about the toughest topics.
◆  Talking to Your Kids About War VeryWell Family explores ways families can speak with young people about war, including tips on sharing information and restricting media coverage.
◆  How to Talk to Your Children About Conflict and War UNICEF’s guide offers eight tips to support and comfort your children.

Local Groups and Organizations:

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley  - LINK
Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR California San Francisco Bay Area - LINK
Jewish Silicon Valley - LINK
South Bay Islamic Association - LINK
Hillel Silicon Valley - LINK
Muslim Community Association - LINK
Temple Emanu-El - LINK
SABA Islamic Center - LINK

Official Statements from Supervisor Otto Lee

Follow up statement on Israel Hamas conflict October 17, 2023

Response to continued conflict
October 17, 2023
"We stand in strong solidarity with our Jewish and Palestinian Americans having loved ones suffering from afar. All kidnapped hostages must be released now, and Gazan civilians must have access to clean water, electricity, humanitarian aid, and safe passage. Having survived multiple mortar and bomb attacks in Iraq, and one by only 30 yards, I mourn the families’ trauma and loss suffered during these horrific times. Indiscriminate bombings, destruction, and bloodshed targeted against civilians, schools, and hospitals are war crimes that must end.

Silicon Valley is blessed to be a diverse community with talented people from all over the world for decades. We strongly condemn all violence, abuse, or bullying here in our communities, especially those targeted against children of different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds  - THIS MUST STOP!

We thank our interfaith leaders for spreading the message of unity and non-violence, and for maintaining peace during these challenging times. Our public safety partners are fully aware, and they are stepping up efforts to ensure our families and communities are safe from hate including from antisemitism or Islamophobia - and will pursue actions against anyone promoting threats and committing hate crimes.

Hate and violence have no place in Santa Clara County, in California or in America, and the perpetrators will be held fully accountable under the law. Our children and families must feel safe and welcome, and justice upheld."

October 11 Statement on October 7, 2023 Hamas Attacks On Israel

Statement on the October 7, 2023 attacks
October 11, 2023
"There are no good words at a time like this. The inhumane acts of indiscriminate bombing, shooting, kidnapping, and killing of civilians including women, children, elderly, and terror on Simchat Torah were utterly barbaric and have no place in the modern world.

We unequivocally condemn Hamas’ unjustifiable and vile attack this weekend, and I fear for those now caught in a war zone. Instead of helping, Hamas’ unspeakable atrocities exacerbates the sufferings of millions of Gaza residents.

We are deeply saddened that thousands of innocent Israelis and Palestinians continue to be slain. Violence only begets more violence at a time where our world needs more tolerance and understanding instead of hate.

We must be the generation that brings lasting peace for the Middle East - until then, we call for compassion, humanity and empathy during this extremely difficult time, and provide humanitarian aid and safe passages to Gaza civilians."