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Black History Month

2024 Black History Month Recognitions

Theme - African Americans and Arts
Celebrating the stories and contributions by artists, musicians, performers, and other creative individuals

Kehinde painting a womans face

Kehinde Wiley

Octavia butler holding her dog at beach

Octavia E. Butler

photo of marc j spears

Marc J. Spears

black history month celebration of faith ringgold

Faith Ringgold

young artist tyler gordon with portraits of biden and harris

Tyler Gordon

Laura Wheeler Waring painting

Laura Wheeler Waring

black history month celebration of jon batiste

Jon Batiste

black history month celebration of alice walker

Alice Walker

black history month celebration of jean-michael basquiot

Jean-Michael Basqiuat

black history month celebration of cARL WEATHERS

Carl Weathers

black history month celebration 2024 with linda and tony alexander

Linda & Tony Alexander

black history month celebration of quincy jones

Quincy Jones

2023 Black History Month Recognitions

Theme - Black Resistance
Celebrating the stories of national, state, and local icons, leaders and heroes whose contributions created change

Viola Davis EGOT

Viola Davis

W.E.B. Du Bois

W.E.B. Du Bois

Photo shows congresswoman Barbara Lee above a heading that displays "D3 celebrates black history month"

Barbara Lee

Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston

Nicole Hannah-Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Roxane Gay.

Nicole Hannah-Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Roxane Gay.

President Barack Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Honor to Bill Russel

Bill Russell

A Philip Randolph looks on in foreground with Lincoln monument statue in background.

A. Philip Randolph

Coretta Scott King in foreground with Lincoln monument sculpture out of focus in the background.

Coretta Scott King

Serena Williams with daughter and championship cup

Serena Williams

2022 Black History Month Recognitions

Theme - Black Health and Wellness
Celebrating the stories of individuals whose work centered around the health and vitality of Black Americans


Carter G Woodson


Maya Angelou


Harriet Tubman


Frederick Douglass


Shirley Chisholm


Barbara Jordan


Yvonne Brathwaite Burke


Ben F. Gross


Barack Obama


Frederick Roberts


bell hooks


James Baldwin


Nadine Burke Harris


Glenn Burke


Neil deGrasse Tyson


Iola Williams

Additional Black History Month Recognitions

The D3 Team recognizes Black History Month to celebrate the contributions of Black & African Americans along with recognitions for Women's History Month, AANHPI Heritage Month, PRIDE Month, Muslim Americans, and more where we have celebrated Black & African American individuals. Click on the their images to read more about the people we have recognized.  

michelle obama womens history month graphic

Michelle Obama

amanda gorman womens history month graphic

Amanda Gorman

whem24 tina turner

Tina Turner - Anna Marie Bullock

pride graphice audre lorde standing by chalkboard with "women are powerful and dangerous" written

Audre Lorde

pride graphic of bayard rustin on phone with sign behind him that says Jim Crow Can't Teach Democracy

Bayard Rustin

billy de frank pride month graphic

Billy DeFrank

pride graphic for brittney griner in mercury phoenix basketball uniform

Brittney Griner

fannie lou hammer womens history month graphic

Fannie Lou Hamer

jerrod carmicheal

Jerrod Carmichael

whm24 Marie Harrison

Marie Harrison

Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Riveria pride graphic

Marsha P Johnson

woman in athletic clothing holding large trophy

Naomi Osaka

nadia fernandez womens history month

Nuria Fernandez

ru paul and sasha colby

Ru Paul and Sasha Colby

Sarina Bolden - soccer player holding ball - aapi month graphic

Sarina Bolden

womens history month graphic sharon chatman

Judge Sharon Chatman

pride graphic of toddrick hall in glasses

Todrick Hall

Travon Free - holding emmy - pride month graphic

Travon Free